Feasibility Studies

A more advanced service is feasibility studies. In case the test process is not specified finally (e.g. a new product has to be tested), then it makes sense to perform a feasibility study. This helps to define the test process and work out a test concept.
The main steps of a feasibility study are:


  • Systematic and detailed research of the test process
  • Practical tests with test parts
  • Series of measurements to prove the capability of the test process (e.g. Cg-value)
  • Disclosure of all data, parameters and series of measurements
  • Practice-oriented evaluation of the measurement results
  • Recommendations regarding the optimization of the test process
  • Tips for the change of the design of the test part in order to achieve a better product quality and / or to improve the test process
  • Detailed final report
  • Development of a test concept