Feasibility Evaluations

CETA Testsysteme GmbH starts every project with an internal feasibility evaluation. This standard practice is used to ensure that the requirements regarding the test process can be fulfilled. If the technical feasibility is proved a quotation is worked out and a suitable test device, additional functionalities, further equipment and accessories are offered.


The main steps of the feasibility evaluation are:

  • Information exchange regarding the requirements of the test process, the test part and the industrial conditions
  • Estimation of the measurement range and the required resolution of the test device
  • Choice of an appropriate test device
  • Determination of test parameters matching the requirements of the test process
  • If the feasibility can not be assured just by calculation, in some cases practical experiments with test parts are performed
  • Decision about the feasibility
  • Internal documentation of the test (including sketches, parameters, test series)
  • Elaboration of a quotation


As the internal feasibility evaluation is done before giving a quotation, the customer can be sure that the proposed solution can be realised.