CETA Testsysteme GmbH offers the following thematic training courses with different main focus:


Training course for planners, developers and constructing engineers

This course includes the physical and measurement fundamentals of leak testing and the basic use of leak detectors and flow detectors for specific applications. Based on this knowledge the participant of this course will be able to estimate the specific requirements of a process-sure integration of leak testing devices into the production line.


Application training course for users

The main focus of this training course is the practical use of leak and flow testing devices. The following topics are dealt with: measurement basics, the practical use of the test devices, finding the correct test parameters and application-orientated troubleshooting. The participant of this training course will be able to operate the leak and flow testing devices in a practical application.


Maintenance training course for technicians

This practical maintenance course includes measurement basics, the internal setup of the test devices maintenance, troubleshooting and fault repair. The participant of this course will be able to perform maintenance work and to locate failures.


Additional remarks

The training courses are offered on demand

Training courses are possible at CETA and at customer´s location

User-specific topics can be implemented in the training course