Leak Tester

The leak testers of the CETATEST 515, 715, 815 and 825 series can be used in many different applications. Due to the use of different sensor types and the medium compressed air a wide measurement range can be covered.



  • Leak testers with gauge pressure sensor
  • Especially for leak tests which require a large measuring range
  • Suitable for the leak-testing of small-volume test parts and short total testing times
  • Measurement range up to 10,000 Pa


CETATEST 515 series

  • Leak testers with differential pressure sensor
  • Optimised for leak testing of very small test parts in high speed production cycles
  • Measurement range: 500 Pa


CETATEST 715 series

  • Leak testers with gauge pressure sensor
  • Typical application: Test parts with large leakages
  • Two channel operation (option)
  • Special variant CT 715 LV (Large Volume)
  • Measurement range up to 10.000 Pa


CETATEST 815 series

  • Leak testers with differential pressure sensor
  • Measurement ranges: 500 Pa, 5000 Pa
  • Several test modes are available (option)
  • Two channel operation (option)
  • High pressure version for pressure up to 400 bar


CETATEST 825 series

  • New series of Leak testers with differential pressure sensor
  • 7“ touch-screen with graphical user interface
  • Equipped as standard with Ethernet, WLAN and Bluetooth
  • Equipped as standard with prefill and smooth filling
  • Memory for more than 1 million measurement results and 256 test programs
  • Prepared for Industry 4.0 requirements


Hydrogen Leak Tester up to 10-6 mbar*l/s

  • Broadband measurement of various ingredients
  • Leak test of gas-filled and liquid-filled products
  • Specific measurement of tracer gases



  • Leak testing of pneumatical circuits, which are pre-filled up to the target pressure
  • Continuous operation of up to 8 hours
  • Compact und mobile