Leak Tester CETATEST 815

The CETATEST 815 is a full automatically working leak tester for the detection of untight parts within the cycle time of the production process. The pressure in the test part volume is compared with the pressure in a tight reference volume.


The CETATEST 815 can be equipped with a multitude of test modes and is applicable for a lot of applications. The 24 bit AD converter und its high clock rate allows short test times.


The CETATEST 815 can be delivered as 2 channel test device. Parameter can be exported resp. imported using an USB storage device. Measurement series and measurement curves can be stored also.


Leak Tester Series CETATEST 815 Low Pressure with Electronically Controlled Pressure Ranges (± 5 mbar and ±50 mbar)


In the right picture: Examples of test parts that CETA customers test with the CETATEST 815.

Pressure Sensors Differential pressure sensor, gauge pressure sensor
Pressure ranges -1 bar, +/-5 mbar, +/-50 mbar, 200 mbar, 1000 mbar, 6 bar, 10 bar, 20 bar, 30 bar, negative gauge pressure and positive gauge pressure ranges can be combined, (e.g. -1 bar / + 1 bar)
Measurement ranges ± 500 Pa / ± 5,000 Pa (displayed resolution: 1 Pa, internal resolution: effective 0.01 Pa)
Result units Pa, hPa, PSI, Pa/s, hPa/s, mbar*l/s, ml/min, ml/h, l/min, l/h, mmHg, Torr, mmWs
Pressure controller Mechanical, electronical
Test modes Pressure decay, optional: sealed component, ram pressure, pressure steps, pressure rise (with double leak connector)
Dimensions 345 mm x 145 mm x 435 mm (W x H x D)
Two channel operation As option available
Typical applications Components that should be waterproof, oil-tight or gas proof