Leak Tester CETATEST 815 HP-PR

The CETATEST 815 HP-PR in the variant high pressure can be used for leak tests (e.g. injection valves) up to a test pressure of 400 bar using the test mode pressure rise. Hereby the primary circuit is pressurised with the test pressure (up to 400 bar). The leakage test is performed in the secondary circuit. The CETATEST 815 HP-PR can be delivered as 1-channel or 2-channel test device. Parameter can be exported resp. imported using an USB storage device. Measurement series and measurement curves can be stored.


Ceta tests injection valves for tightness

In the right picture: Examples of test parts that CETA customers test with the CETATEST 815 HP-PR.

Pressure sensor Piezo-resistive differential pressure transducer (in secondary circuit), Piezo-resistive gauge pressure sensor (in primary and secondary circuit)
Pressure ranges Up to 400 bar (primary), up to 150 mbar (secondary)
Measurement range ± 500 Pa, ± 5,000 Pa in 1 Pa-steps
Result units Pa, hPa, PSI, Pa/s, hPa/s, mbar*l/s, ml/min, ml/h, l/min, l/h, mmHg, Torr, mmWs
Pressure controller Mechanical
Dimensions 345 mm x 145 mm x 435 mm (W x H x D) each unit
Two channel operation As option available
Typical applications Injection valves