Leak tester CETATEST 825 - New!

The CETATEST 825 is the fourth generation of CETA differential pressure testers.

The differential pressure leak test is based on the comparison of the pressures in the test part volume with the pressure in a tight reference volume. It can be used for fully automatic leak test processes within the cycle time of the production line.

The integrated 7-inch touch-screen with an intuitive operable graphical user interface makes it possible to display a wide range of information (for example, measurement curves, histograms). Operation is possible both via the touch-screen and via a dual-jog dial. Separate start / stop buttons ensure operating safety even in harsh industrial environments.

The memory stores more than 1 million measurement results and 256 test programs.

New: Leak tester CETATEST 825
Leak tester CETATEST 825 rear view

In the right picture: rear view of the leak tester CETATEST 825

Pressure Sensors Gauge pressure sensor, differential pressure sensor
Pressure ranges -1 bar, +/-5 mbar, +/-50 mbar, 200 mbar, 1 bar, 6 bar, 10 bar, 20 bar, 30 bar, negative and positive gauge pressure ranges can be combined (for example -1 bar / +10 bar)
Measurement ranges ± 500 Pa / ± 5,000 Pa (display resolution: 1 Pa, internal resolution: effectively 0.01 Pa)
Result units Pa, hPa, PSI, Pa/s, hPa/s, mbar*l/s, ml/min, ml/h, l/min, l/h, mmHg, Torr, mmWs
Test modes Pressure decay, prefill, smooth filling, Optional: sealed component, dynamic pressure, pressure steps, pressure rise
Interfaces I/O interface for start/stop/reset, program selection, device status, system errors and test results (pass/fail). RS-232, USB (host), Ethernet, WLAN,Bluetooth for additional functions like parameterisation, measurement results, detailed information in real time (e. g. measurement curve) and failure messages. Optional: Profibus DP, Profinet, EtherCAT or USB (Slave)
Dimensions W x H x D: 367 mm x 183 mm (4 U) x 435 mm
Typical applications Components that should be waterproof, oil-tight or gas proof