Flow Tester CETATEST 915

The flow tester CETATEST 915 is used to measure the flow using compressed air. The device contains a measurement system consisting of a laminar flow element (LFE) and a differential pressure sensor. In the direct test method the air, provided by the internal pressure regulator, flows through the measuring section before it enters the test part. In the indirect test method the measuring section is located behind the test part. Due to the special design of the measuring section a laminar flow is generated. The resulting pressure difference is directly proportional to the volume flow. 


CETA Flow Tester CETATEST 915
CETA checks the flow of cables

In the right picture: Examples of test parts that CETA customers test with the CETATEST 815.

Pressure sensors Differential pressure sensor, gauge pressure sensor (test pressure)
Pressure ranges -1 bar, 150 mbar, 1 bar, 6 bar
Measurement range 3 ml/min to 200 l/min (depending on the laminar flow element)
Result units ml/min, ml/h, l/min, l/h, mbar*l/s
Pressure controller Mechanical
Test modes Direct or indirect test method, exponential extrapolation, bypass
Dimensions 345 mm x 145 mm x 435 mm (W x H x D)
Typical applications Tests of valves, exhaust gas systems, pipes, membranes