Mass Flow Tester CETATEST 615

The CETATEST 615 is a fully automated mass flow tester for the detection of small leaks in large volume test parts. The measurement method is based on the principle of the thermal mass flow measurement.

By using a previously pressurised reservoir volume leakages can be measured without the disturbing effects of a pressure regulation. Temperature effects are automatically compensated. The mass flow caused by the leakage is displayed directly for standard conditions, which can be parameterised.



CETATEST Mass Flow Tester 615
Largevolume test parts - detection of small leaks

In the right picture: Examples of test parts that CETA customers test with the CETATEST 615.

Sensors Gauge pressure sensor, thermal mass flow sensor
Pressure ranges 200 mbar, 1 bar, 6 bar, 10 bar
Measurement ranges 0-10 ml/min, 0-25 ml/min, 10-600 ml/min
Result units Nml/min, Nml/h, Nl/min, Nl/h, scc/min, scc/h, sl/min, sl/h, mbar*l/s
Pressure controller Electronical pressure regulation for the filling of the reservoir volume
Dimensions 345 mm x 145 mm x 435 mm (W x H x D)
Typical applications Big headlights and lamps, oil and water circuits