Leak Detection Systems

The test stand (leak test / flow test / mass flow test) can be integrated in a complete leak detection system. This allows the implementation in the production line.


In the planning phase the technical feasibility of the test process is ensured. Special requirements regarding the fixture will be discussed with the customer.


The realisation of the leak detection system is conducted in cooperation with a competent engineering and construction company.

CETA brings in extensive know-how in order to work out a process-sure test procedure, including the concept for a customized adaption, the selection of the appropriate test device and the integration of the test device into the fixture.


The leak detection system consists of a stable mechanical construction, pneumatics resp. hydraulics to fix the test part, pneumatical and electrical control units, integrated PLC, safety equipment, customized clamping and adaptation of the test part and the integrated CETA test devices.


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