Automatic Function Control

This functionality has been patented by CETA Testsysteme GmbH (patent no. 100 45 472). The automatic function control checks the correct function and deflection of the leak detector.


This procedure can be performed in the real test process, without using a specially prepared master test part. The automatic function control is tuned to the working point of the differential pressure sensor.


The functionality of the automatic function control is realized by integration of additional hardware components and a special version of the firmware. During the filling phase of the test part the pressure impulse for the function control is prepared by a special valve system and additional internal reservoir volumes. The pressure impulse has a similar magnitude like the pressure decay measured in the test phase caused by the leakage of the test part. This so called “control phase” follows after the measurement phase.


The automatic function control is applicable to all test part volumes and test pressures used in differential pressure leak tests.


An advantage of this functionality is that not for every single test situation a separate test leak has to be used. The quality of the adaption can also be checked by the automatic function control, if a leakproof master test part is used.