Temperature Compensation

In industrial production lines it sometimes happens, that warm test parts (e.g. due to a welding process or cleaning process) have to be tested for leaks. If the test part cools down during the measurement phase of the leak test process,
the measured pressure change is a superposition of two different effects: the pressure change due to a leakage and the pressure change due to a temperature change.


CETA has developed a procedure to compensate these temperature effects, that can be applied to test warm parts in a process-sure way. In a pre-measurement phase the temperature behaviour of the test part, the adaption and the pneumatic lines is measured and registrated. This information is used to correct the measured values. The total time for the leak test is hardly extended despite the pre-measurement phase because of the use of a fast A/D-converter. The temperature compensation does not need any external sensors. Therefore no additional work is needed to integrate the sensors into the adaption and to read out their data.


The temperature compensation can be combined with the test modes “pressure decay” and “pressure rise”.
The compensation is independent from the test pressure and from the volume of the test part.