• Formation as commercial enterprise for leak testers and flow testers



  • Removal into a company-owned building



  • Change of name into CETA Testsysteme GmbH
  • Development, production and sales of own manufactured test devices
  • Launch of the leak tester series CETA 800 with differential pressure sensor
  • Production and supply of calibration normals (standard leaks, master jets)



  • Launch of the flow tester series CETA 900



  • Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:1994



  • Development of a „speech box“ for a work place for blind people (leak testing application)



  • Construction and move-in into a major company-owned building



  • Launch of the leak tester series CETATEST 810 with differential pressure sensor
  • Issue of a patent (patent No. 100 45 472) for the additional device option „automatic function control“
  • Certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2000
  • Gain of the „Quality Price NRW“ (North-Rhine-Westfalia)



  • Launch of the leak tester series CETATEST 510 with differential pressure sensor (leak tester to test small parts in high speed production cycles)
  • Launch of the new developed additional device option „temperature compensation“
  • Cooperation partner in France



  • Certification of the calibration laboratory as DKD calibration laboratory (DKD-K-36001) (DKD = Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (German Calibration Service))
  • First manufacturer of leak testers with own DKD calibration laboratory for the measurand pressure
  • Cooperation partner in Korea
  • Launch of the leak tester series CETATEST 710 with relative pressure sensor



  • Redesign and relaunch of the CETA homepage
  • Cooperation partner in Hungary
  • Launch of the mass flow tester series CETATEST 610
  • Leak tester series CETATEST 710 and 810 also available with mechanical pressure regulator
  • Presentation of the CETATEST 810 with pressure range of 30 bar
  • Delivery of leak testers with DKD-certificate (DKD = Deutscher Kalibrierdienst = German Calibration Service)
  • First publishing of the CETA Newsletter



  • Presentation of the the standard leak detection system
  • First-time publication of the CETA accessory catalogue
  • CETA newsletter available in English
  • Cooperation partners in Spain and Czech Republic
  • CETA data sheets available in Russian
  • The CETATEST 810 can be provided with Hungarian firmware



  • Launch of the leak tester CETATEST 810 HP-PR with 300 bar pressure range for high pressure leak test
  • CETA data sheets also available in Czech and Turkish



  • 20th company anniversary
  • Presentation of the new differential pressure leak detection series CETATEST 815
  • Mobile leak test system for testing of pneumatical circuits of commercial vehicles
  • Extension of the accredited range of the DKD calibration laboratory from -1 to +17 bar
  • New certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2008



  • CETA data sheets now also available in Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Portuguese
  • Launch of the leak tester series CETATEST 815
  • Launch of the flow tester series CETATEST 915
  • Offer of maintenance contracts for CETA leak and flow testers
  • Presentation of the CETA-Service supply: contract works, practice tests and comparative measurements, hire-purchase
  • Presentation of a solution for the traceability of measuring values of leak and flow tests
  • Successful DKD-reaccreditation



  • Presentation of the leak tester CETATEST H201 with hydrogen sensor
  • Launch of the CETATEST 915-G for leak tests in the gas industry
  • Participation in the first CONTROL CHINA 2010 in Shanghai
  • Presentation of the additional function "smooth filling" for the leak testers CETATEST 815
  • Introduction of the ERP-system SAP Business One



  • Cooperation partner in China
  • Launch of the two-channel leak tester CETATEST 815 Twin
  • Participation in the second CONTROL CHINA 2011 in Shanghai
  • Attendance at the Medical Technology Network at the MOTEK fair 2011



  • Cooperation partner in Turkey
  • Launch of the leak tester series CETATEST 515, 715 and 815 HP-PR
  • Participation in the third CONTROL CHINA 2012 in Shanghai
  • Hoppenstedt rates the CETA-reliability as „excellent credit rate“



  • 25th company anniversary
  • Launch of the application software CETA Soft 2G for the leak tester series x15
  • Hoppenstedt rates the CETA-reliability again as „excellent credit rate“
  • Participation in the fourth CONTROL CHINA 2013 in Shanghai
  • Relaunch of the CETA homepage
  • Cooperation partner in Poland



  • Cooperation partners in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore
  • Bisnode (successor to the Hoppenstedt credit information GmbH) has rated CETA with "excellent credit" (Bisnode Rating Certificate No. 318664026)
  • Launch of the leak tester series CETATEST XS
  • Launch of the Pressure Progress Test Device DVPG/3K
  • Successful DAkkS accrediting of the calibration laboratory (D-K-19566-01-00) combined with an expansion of the accredited pressure range (-1 bar to +60 bar)
  • Launch of flexible test stands for leak tests and flow tests
  • CETA gets the certificate "Science Friendly Company" of Lodz University of Technology for the participation in an international research project



  • Corresponding to the expansion of the international business activities CETA has recruited more personnel
  • Our company building was raised by one floor
  • Our exhibition stand has been completely redesigned for Motek
  • For the fourth consecutive year has Bisnode rated CETA with „excellent credit“ (Bisnode Rating Certificate No. 318664026)
  • The company SP Leak Test & Automation Pvt Ltd. is our new cooperation partner in India
  • CETA has international cooperation partners in 12 countries
  • The cooperation partner Cressto s.r.o. took part on the exhibition AMPER, Czech Republic
  • Our cooperation partner LFC PTE presented himself at the fair MetrologyAsia2015, Singapore
  • CETA has supported the cooperation partners at the trade fairs with staff



  • CETA offers solutions for leak testing of gas-filled and liquid-filled products with leak rates down to 10-6 mbar * l /s
  • Successfully new stand concept showed ​​at the trade fair Control in Stuttgart
  • Bisnode Deutschland GmbH has awarded CETA again an "outstanding credit rating" (Bisnode Rating Certificate No. 318664026)
  • CETA has participated with presentations at the 19th World Conference of Non-Destructive Testing in Munich
  • Exhibition at the trade fairs Motek and Control 2016 with presentation of solutions for leak and flow test measured in industrial production lines



  • For the 6th time has Bisnode rated CETA with „excellent credit“
    (Bisnode Rating Certificate No. 318664026)
  • Presentation of Leak Tester CETATEST 815 with electronically controlled pressure ranges
    (± 5 mbar and ±50 mbar)
  • New cooperation partner in Turkey is TEKIN Otomasyon Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.Şti.
  • Market launch of the CETATEST 615 mass flow tester
  • Now also cooperation partner in in Amerika / Mexiko: MEYERV, S.A. de C.V.
  • New cooperation partner in Portugal: TOJALTEC - Fabrico de Máquinas, Lda.
  • New certification according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 through TÜV Rheinland



  • Anniversary: 30 years CETA from 1988 to 2018
  • CETATEST 715 now also available as a dual-channel version
  • CETATEST XS now also available in the pressure range -/+1 bar
  • Creditsafe Deutschland GmbH now also assigns the credit rating index of 1.7 in 2018 with a very good performance in comparison to other sectors
  • Participation at the Control as well as the Motek 2018 in Stuttgart
  • Together with Gaedigk participation at the FMB in Bad Salzuflen and the COMPAMED 2018 in Düsseldorf



  • Extension of Accreditation Scope to On-Site DAkkS Calibration for Pressure
  • Launch of the leak tester series x25 with the new leak tester CETATEST 825
  • New Hungarian Cooperation Partner IGS-Kontakt
  • Participation at the Control as well as the Motek 2019 in Stuttgart
  • Participation at the COMPAMED 2019 in Düsseldorf
  • Creditsafe again certifies CETA an "excellent credit rating" of 1.7
  • Member of ZVEI - Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- u. Elektronikindustrie e. V. (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association)
  • Member of the DGZfP - German Society for Non-Destructive Testing e.V.
  • Member of the Supporting association Trägergesellschaft Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid e. V.
  • Extension of the training offer by open workshops for leak testing



  • CETA Corona Emergency Relief Action supports manufacturers of medical devices with free leak and flow test devices
  • Participation in the 3rd industry meeting at the Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid
  • Successful market launch of the CETATEST 715 LV for leak testing of large volume products
    (IBCs, drums, canisters)
  • Since 2012, CETA has been certified with an excellent credit rating (Creditsafe Germany)
  • Participation in the distributed computing project "Folding@home" and provision of computing resources for molecular biological calculations, including the decoding of the coronavirus
  • CETA receives the award "Excellence Made in Germany CERTIFIED COMPANY" ("Die Deutsche Wirtschaft")
  • Exhibition at the online fair "Control virtuell"
  • Exhibition at the online fair "Motek virtuell"
  • Consideration of CETA in international market studies



  • CETA got the award "Excellence Made in Germany CERTIFIED COMPANY" ("Die Deutsche Wirtschaft")
  • Exhibition at the online trade fair "Control virtual 2021"
  • CETA digital: CETA online seminars at the Control virtual 2021
  • Offer of online trainings and workshops for interested parties, customers and cooperation partners
  • Since 2012 CETA has been consistently certified with a very good credit rating
  • Exhibition at the trade fair "Motek 2021"