CETA offers several services like


Feasibility Evaluations

Every project starts with an internal feasibility consideration to ensure, that the customer requirements regarding the test process can be fulfilled. Then a quotation is worked out and the appropriate test devices are offered.


Feasibility Studies

On the customer side, not all information is known to clearly define a test process or to clarify the feasibility. This is often the case when a new product is to be tested. Within the scope of a feasibility study, the test parameters and the test concept are developed in a practical manner.



To help clients we make different trainings: Special training courses are offered for planners, developers and constructing engineers, application trainings for users and maintenance trainings for technicians.


CETA-User Experience-Package - Free provision of test devices for two weeks, incl. online support

The CETA UX-package supports the user by providing test devices free of charge, by instructing the user in the operation of the test device, in carrying out measurements on his own products and thus ultimately in his decision-making.



Repair / Maintenance

he CETA service department offers several services in order to ensure, that the test devices and the test equipment fulfill the quality requirements of the test process within the production line.


Factory calibrations

These calibrations can be performed for the physical measurands pressure and flow.

DAkkS(*) calibrations for pressure

In the accredited laboratory (D-K-19566-01-00) calibrations according to DAkkS standards of the physical measurand pressure (pressure range –1 bar to +60 bar) can be conducted in the permanent laboratory and on-site.


(*) DAkkS = Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle (German Accreditation Agency)