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      CETA Test Devices Ready to Meet Industry 4.0 Requirements with a Great Variety of Industrial Interfaces

      CETA Testsysteme GmbH is a manufacturer of leak and flow testers with over 30 years of experience in the field of industrial testing technology. Thousands of CETA leak and flow testers are used in production lines all over the world by renowned industrial customers. However, the high level of automation also brings about increasing demands on the integration of testing technologies. Click pdf to read more


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      30 Years CETA – from Salesman to Manufacturer and Solutions Provider for Leak and Flow Testing

      When CETA was founded 30 years ago, a lot of companies had just begun to realize the importance of leak-testing to control the quality of their products during manufacturing. The demand for leak testers was rapidly increasing, recalls Günter Groß, managing director of CETA Testsysteme GmbH. After initially selling the leak and flow testers of another manufacturer, Günter Groß soon decided to develop his own test devices. Since then, CETA Testsysteme has established itself on an international scale as an expert for thorough routine testing in production lines. Click pdf to read more

      Leak-testing with compressed air – It doesn't always have to be a differential pressure leak tester. Technical extensions to the leak tester series CETATEST 715 and CETATEST XS

      A large number of leak-testing applications require the use of a leak tester with differential pressure sensor. Typical limit values are about 10 Pa/s. This type of leak tester is equipped with two pressure sensors Click pdf to read more





      CETA presents new Mass Flow Tester CETATEST 615 and new Hydrogen Leak Tester at the Motek 2017 Trade Fair

      CETA's practical leak testers and new products for industrial leak and flow testing and automatic detection of smallest leakages met with a high degree of interest at the Motek 2017 trade fair.

      For over 15 years now, CETA has been a regular exhibitor at the Motek, international trade fair for production and assembly automation. This year, the company presented a cross-section of the current line of products for industrial leak and flow testing – with a special highlight, the new mass flow tester CETATEST 615 for detection of smallest leakages.

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      CETA establishes new cooperation partnerships in Mexico and Portugal  CETA expands international network of cooperation partners and provides local support for CETA industrial leak and flow testers in Mexico and Portugal

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      The new Mass Flow Leak Tester CETATEST 615 - leak tests are used to ascertain the tightness of components and systems. The new mass flow tester CETATEST 615 detects fully automatically very small leakages of less than 0.5 Nml/min in large test parts.

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      Leak Tester Series CETATEST 815 Low Pressure with Electronically Controlled Pressure Ranges
      A large number of leak tests with compressed air are performed at pressures ranging from 100 mbar to 10 bar and even higher, depending on the type of application.

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      Still plenty of scope for more quality: leak testing in production and industry

      Quality made in Germany” - the reputation of our products, which is envied around the world, is worth hard cash. Tested parts and products are easier to sell, create trust and reduce breakdown damage. And yet there is still untapped potential in continuous quality assurance. The key term here is inline EoL leak testing (end-of-line testing)

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      CETA Testsysteme GmbH is a manufacturer of leak and flow testers for industrial applications and solutions provider in the field of quality control and production reliability. Several thousand CETA test devices are already in use throughout the world and integrated in production lines to perform leak and flow tests during production cycle. There are many fields of application such as the automotive industry, medical technology, controls and instruments industry and the appliance industry.

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