DAkkS Calibration - Measurand Pressure

The CETA calibration laboratory has been accredited as DKD calibration laboratory (DKD-K-36001) for the mechanical measurand pressure. In 2014 the calibration laboratory was accredited as DAkkS laboratory (D-K-19566-01-00) by the successor of the DKD, the DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle).


By use of the test medium gas we provide DAkkS calibrations (according to DIN EN ISO 17025) in the measuring range of -1 bar to +60 bar as gauge pressure and 0.05 bar to 40 bar as absolute pressure in the permanent laboratory and on-site.

The automotive industry usually requires the certification according to IATF 16949. The accreditation according to DIN EN ISO 17025 fulfills these requirements.The CETA calibration laboratory is accredited to perform DAkkS calibrations in the permanent laboratory and on-site.


Accredited DAkkS calibration laboratories are calibrating according to unified standards and rules. The calibration certificate of a DAkkS laboratory automatically provides the proof of traceability. DAkkS calibration certificates are valid and accepted in all members of EC and many other countries worldwide. Further information can be found on the homepage of the DAkkS (www.dakks.de).


Regular audits by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS = Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle) ensure the high quality of the measurement equipment and test procedures. The used calibration standards are controlled regularly by the PTB. This ensures the association to the national standard of the PTB.


CETA Testsysteme GmbH is the first German manufacturer of leak testers who by default delivers the leak testers within the accredited range with a DAkkS calibration certificate instead of a factory calibration certificate.


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