Mass Flow Tester

The CETATEST 625 is a fully automatic mass flow tester. It can be configured for the detection of the smallest leaks in large-volume test parts or for the measurement of larger mass flow rates. The measuring method is based on the measurement of the mass flow rate according to the calorimetric (thermal) principle.


CETATEST 625 series

  • Test devices with gauge pressure sensor and mass flow sensor
  • Based on the principle of calorimetric (thermal) mass flow measurement
  • Configuration for testing large-volume test parts with low leak rates or for larger mass flow rates
  • Measuring ranges: 10 Nml/min, 25 Nml/min, 60 Nml/min, 150 Nml/min, 300 Nml/min, 600 ml/min, 60 Nl/min
  • 7" touch screen with graphical user interface
  • Ethernet interface as standard
  • Memory for more than 1 million measurement results and 256 test programs
  • Internationally recognized DAkkS-accredited calibration certificate in accordance with
    DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 as standard and at no extra charge

DAkkS = German Accreditation Body